Although wild rice is native to North America, until recently it wasn't easy to find outside of the areas around the Great Lakes and Eastern Seaboard where it grows wild along river banks and in shallow lakes.

In the late 1960's farmers began cultivating wild rice and now harvest over 18 million pounds of the grain every year, expanding the market far beyond local farmers markets.

This is still a niche market, but the growth in wild rice farming means that you can find packaged wild rice at most supermarkets and health food stores. If you can't find wild rice locally, you can also order organic wild rice from Amazon.com. Amazon carries several brands of pure wild rice as well as brown rice/wild rice blends which are often less expensive than wild rice alone.




Safeway also offers a Lundberg wild rice blend in their online store, but they carry pure wild rice in many of their stores.

Look for bagged wild rice and wild rice blends on the rice and beans aisle of most supermarkets including Safeway, Fred Meyer, OFC, Kroger, Albertsons, IGA, Trader Joes and Whole Foods. You may also find it in the health food sections or bulk bins at Fred Meyer, Whole Foods and Central Market.

In November and December, some stores also carry special blends of wild rice and brown rice for customers who are preparing holiday dishes such as stuffing or dressing for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanakkuh.